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Alright, this movie has no action but a lot of dialogue, and its not bad either. The plot and the themes are fucking genius and I bet the real world could relate to this.

Basically, everyone in the world had to move to space colonies, since earth was becoming unsafe to live in. Everything was polluted, no natural resources, nothing. So they figured they move to space and just let the world heal naturally. In space everyone’s now run by an SD system known as Grand Mother, it manages everything as a single being, and it kinda produces humans too, its a weird concept. But they don’t make babies or anything anymore, they kinda just get naturally selected by the Grand Mother.

Aside from the humans there’s these special beings known as the Mu, who are just humans with psychic abilities. Now here’s the thing, the whole plan is for the Mother System to create perfect humans so that it knows who exactly to send back to earth. The humans don’t want the Mu in their planet, instead despise them, and are at a grand war with the Mu themselves, both sides kinda wanting to compromise but at the same time the Mother system only wants one to go on ahead.

There’s a lot of shit going on, racism, mass-genocide, its just displayed so well. The movie drags a little but its really genius. Though there’s also an 2007 anime about it, so that also works for anyone. 


紫原敦くん by ぴん太郎

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The Tennis which Kuroko plays.
Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei
If there’s anime out there reminds people on why they even watch anime in the first place, one of them has to be Tatami Galaxy. This anime is literally perfect. I feel like only a really younger audience can be the only ones to consider this anime to have a flaw, and that’s most likely the face pacing of it, the humor that it displays, and probably the many things this show’s trying to show through its protagonist, it takes a lot of attention and understanding to really know what the show’s really meaning.
The show’s about a college student who has no name, he’s just reffered to as things by other characters, he’s nameless, maybe it could even be you. In this anime, each episode tells a different story, like a “what if?”. The protagonist just wants to have the pefect life, so at the end of each episode, the clock resets, and he goes down a different route in his college life to see where it leads him. He enters different clubs in each episode, seeing as to where they take him, but most likely he always ends up making a mistake which leads him back to square one each time, mostly. He meeets a character named Ozu in each of the episodes, which always ends up being a misfortune to him, since he always trusts what Ozu says to easily- Ozu enjoys to take advantage of him. Many of the same people appear in each episode, differently or the same based on which route the protagonist ends up taking in his college life. 
The best part about this anime, it did so well for eleven episodes and you can just relate always to what the protagonist is going through, also the symbolism in this anime is perfect, the humor that goes along with it as well. The animation is really top notch and extremely unique compared to an y other piece I’ve seen. Now what really takes the cake, in each episode, everything’s told not only from the protagonist’s pespective, but from other characters as well. Its great how in depth this anime can go and just show every single angle of each situation, go really in depth with it. This anime I give it a 10/10, I really recommend it.